Sick kids; go to school or stay home.

We have a sick 5 year old off school today. Teddy has a bad cold bless him, runny nose, coughing and spluttering and generally under the weather. He is very good using a tissue…too good! We will have to go shopping for another box at this rate.
It’s always a bit of a dilemma when little ones are unwell, do you send them to school or not? As a teacher I would say don’t send them. They are likely to spread germs to others. They will also need some down time throughout the day and could get crotchety and tearful. Leave them in PJs and on the sofa with a blanket and dvd.
They may appear to be in good spirits which is great but remember that children present differently when ill and can be up one minute and down the next. Schools are noisy and busy places, not a great place to be if you are poorly. Also a teacher is there to teach children not look after them while parents are at work. However… having said that I encouraged parents to send them once they are on the mend. I was always happy to administer medicine if it meant the child could come to school. A course needs to be finished, but the child maybe well enough to go to school. I know most of my colleagues were also happy to do this with a letter of consent given. I often phoned parents if they were at work for permission to administer Calpol while the child was waiting to be collected. Of course things are somewhat different for children with chronic illness and accommodations are made to support them. This can leave parents and teachers feeling conflicted. We have some parents that send in kids who are really poorly and others that keep them home for the slightest thing. Getting to the middle ground can take a lot of diplomacy but is best for the child. If in doubt phone the teacher for guidance. I often said to pop kids in and if they were not well enough to stay I would let them know.

So it’s not always an easy decision to make but in fairness I think the majority of parents get the balance right. If in doubt chat to the teacher.

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