And breathe!

I have been a proper Lazy Daisy for the past week and will continue to do so for the next few days. We are at our usual place in Lanzarote and I haven’t left the apartment other than for an evening meal a couple of nights, but as soon as I’ve finished eating I’m itching to get back. Apart from speaking to the waiter, and Mr D, I haven’t spoken to anyone. No doubt lots of people would find this odd…I find it odd! But it’s what I need. We always said we would Neve visit the same place twice, but since we found this peaceful gem we come back every February to recharge. There isn’t a pool, it’s adults only (It’s design isn’t suitable for little ones, and of course there’s nothing for them to do.) Most of the people don’t speak English and all keep themselves to themselves. We do speak to the cleaners of course but that’s quite funny too. We have become friends but communicate through gesture mostly. But it’s always a pleasure to see them each year. Also they like us because we only require them every third day so they have one less thing to do.

Now if you think that’s odd just wait.
Most people go abroad for the sun, I do too, but I stay in the shade with a fan on. At least until an hour before sunset. Then I top up my Vitamin D levels on doctors orders ( I take supplements too) I don’t sunbathe as I have uneven pigmentation and although I tan very easily, some areas go much too dark. I look like boo-boo bear but with a very dark patch rather than a light one, right around my mouth. Anyway

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