I am a Welsh children’s author (ex-teacher) currently visiting primary schools with my picture book ‘Mother Earth is Weeping’. The content supports the new Welsh Curriculum in its aim to ensure pupils become “ethical, informed citizens who are ready to be citizens of Wales and the world.” The feedback we receive from schools is very positive and tells us that our visits have a big impact, not only with the environmental aspects but also with children’s attitudes towards reading and writing and realising that they are already authors, they just need to keep learning new skills to hone their craft.
Schools are now booking return visits. (Book trailer: https://youtu.be/K4xZTZo9Xlo )

The United Nations Environment Programme is sharing the book worldwide with their youth organisation partners. It is also on the recommended reading lists of Wandsworth Council and Nursery World Magazine. Caerphilly Council recently bought 80 books, one for every primary school.  It is widely available from retailers including Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=Mother+Earth+is+Weeping

Mother Earth is Weeping

Mother Earth confides in Moon about her fears for the planet. Moon enlists the support of Sun and together they reassure Mother Earth that while she may not escape unscathed, the world can still be saved. She just needs to put her faith in children! The last page appeals directly to every child when it says…” So, she is putting her trust in….YOU”.

The book is structured to appeal to children 3-11 years. It contains carefully chosen extended vocabulary (tier 2+3) to enhance language development. The book will grow with your child, as they come away with more knowledge and understanding each time they read it. Teachers love the book because it is jam packed with teaching and learning opportunities and introduces children to many of the issues we currently face in the world. It will be a springboard to further knowledge and understanding. (There is a free teacher /activity pack too.)

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Claire Donald


  1. Every year group.
    This is for all year groups and ensures every child has access to an author which has proven to be a great way to encourage pupils to see themselves as writers and light that fire inside them. (Nursery children would benefit from a familiar adult reading this to them rather than myself. However, so as not to exclude them, I usually read one of my shorter funny stories to them.)

Read the story and discuss the content and message in more detail. Learn a song. Author interview and talk about what makes a writer and how they can all become one.

This is also very useful for schools using the book for a whole school project. Each year group looks at a different aspect of the story with their teacher, exploring how we can all help our planet. At the end of the project they share the information.

  1. For TWO classes only.
    Both classes together initially for the input, followed by a Power Point presentation of the flora, fauna and indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest.
    Discussion, learn a song about rubbish!
    After the presentation we split classes again for Poetry Workshops.
    Group A morning, Group B afternoon.
    The workshop is also suitable for teacher training whether for newly qualified teachers or those who are not confident in this area.

A full day visit is £300 + travel + accommodation if necessary
(50p per mile over 20 miles from NP116BP)
Schools in Wales can apply for a grant to cover 50% of costs (not travel)

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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