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Mother Earth is Weeping.

Mother Earth is Weeping is a little book of hope for Earth’s future guardians. A concerned Mother Earth confides in Moon about her fears for the planet. Moon seeks advice from Sun and together they reassure Mother Earth that her problems are not insurmountable and she can put her trust in children and young people to come to her rescue.


Soggysaurus just wants some friends

Making friends can be hard when you are a little bit different; even for dinosaurs. Will Soggysaurus find friends who will accept her for who she is? Find out how being unique is a gift in many ways and why we shouldn’t judge others too quickly. Explore feelings and social skills with this charming story about being kind and seeing the good in others.


Ducky Ducklet

Belonging to a family is so important to human health and well-being, that it is enshrined in the United Nation’s Rights of the Child. Of course family can come in many forms, but at the heart of family is love and acceptance, protection and a sense of identity. It provides a safe environment for children to explore and learn and to grow into the best version of themselves. Join a scrawny little creature as she searches for her mother. She meets some other animals who help her and she learns belonging to friendship groups and other forms of family can be as supportive and enriching as being with your blood relatives.


The Whale Voice Choir

Getting young children off to sleep can be a bit of a nightmare! This little book will help you settle your child and show them how much better they will feel after a restful night, just like the sea life in the story. Adults will enjoy the play on words too!



Navy Whale & Book Pack ( Use with sleep routine below)

A soft cuddly blue whale with book and link (below) to free sleep routine and activities.


Crochet Whale & Book Pack. (Use for sleep routine below)

Crochet Whale in various colours (Pot luck as made with recycled wool and material) not suitable for children under 3 years.


FREE Sleep Routine & Parent and Child Pack for use with the book and soft toy pack.

When the World was Grey

Big feelings can be overwhelming for little people. Adjusting to loss and grief can be bewildering. This story helps grown ups start a conversation and helps to reassure them their feelings are valid and that things will get better after a while. Memories will bring them smiles instead of tears. FREE teacher pack below.


Noah and Bampy; best friends

Who will they meet? And what will they get up to? This is the first book in a series. Everyday life can sometimes be a little overwhelming for children. This series will introduce them to a wide variety of situations and feelings in a chid friendly way. Noah narrates the stories through the eyes of a nearly four years old child, with lots of funny misunderstandings and misconceptions. Stories will introduce children to love, loss, multiculturalism, overcoming fear, sibling rivalry and various other scenarios. FREE Teacher Pack.


Canny Manny and Kipper Cat

Canny Manny and Kipper Cat is a good old fashioned caper, full of fun and laughter, from start to finish. children will love the funny illustrations. The dog and cat duo witness a burglary. Canny Manny is very clever and comes up with a cunning plan to catch the thief, but Kipper Cat is not so sure about what it entails! Can the daring detectives pull it off. Lots of feelings and concepts to explore in this story; citizenship, friendship, fear, bravery, recklessness, admiration, gratitude and so on. There are some comprehension questions at the end of the story. FREE Teacher Pack below.


Theodore Henry’s Busy Week

A charming little book Learn the days of the week with Theodore Henry. Then at the end of the book keep your own diary with writing, drawing or photographs. A lovely little keepsake. FREE Teacher Pack






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