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Mission Statement.

Funny Onion Stories is all about providing children with stories and experiences that will further their learning and development in fun and exciting ways.

Claire Donald

Funny Onion Stories


I would like to tell you how Funny Onion Stories came about.

Having taught in a primary school for twenty years – the retired me realised that I really missed interacting with young children. I find them absolutely fascinating and a joy to be around. I was enjoying my new role as a children’s author, but I wanted more than just writing stories. I needed to interact with little ones in schools again. I now provide school visits to share our books and provide educational activities based on the stories. Our full day author visits can be tailored to requirements. We work with Key Stage 1 and 2 and also older pupils with additional learning needs.

There are many projects currently underway that will unfold over the next few years. They will be primarily picture books for children aged 3 to 8 + years, and Free teacher/activity packs based on the book.
I usually write in rhyming couplets and like to play on words and include humour that adults will enjoy as much as the children. Any stories written in prose usually contain repetitive phrases that encourage children to predict and join in with the telling. Oracy is such an important area of communication. Before children can read themselves, they need to have a rich vocabulary and have an understanding of sentence construction. Before they can write stories themselves, they need to have a rich vocabulary and understanding that this involves putting speech onto paper. How can we provide the scaffolding for literacy development? It’s quite simple really by reading stories to them, they can experience the language of books. Imagine starting school already having listened to lots of stories. That’s giving a child such a head start, and when you’re not reading to them, talk to them about anything and everything.

I write about the environment, multiculturalism, social and emotional issues and diversity. The stories can of course, be enjoyed as purely entertainment, but they typically have  educational value and can be a springboard for further discussion and learning in many areas of the school curriculum. I know from years of experience that stories and books are a wonderful resource for children’s education and development. Children’s books are a gateway into other worlds and lives, new experiences and language enrichment. So jump on board and we will go on a learning journey together.

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    1. Sian Opie avatar
      Sian Opie

      Just enquiring about the author visit to a primary school ks2 and what is the cost of a visit please?


      1. Funny Onion Stories avatar

        Hi Sian,
        I offer two programmes for £300 ( + travel from NP11 6BP)

        1. Reading with every class, discussion, interview and song.
        2. Reading to the whole school in the hall followed by a rainforest poetry workshop for 1 or two upper KS2 classes. If you are a big school I split Foundation & KS2 but this takes away time from the workshop, so some schools book 2 days to get the most out of the visit.

        If your school is in Wales I can show you how to get funding for 50% of my fee.

        Kind regards,


    2. mrskeane1 avatar

      Hi Claire,
      I clicked on the link for the teachers pack for Mother Earth is Weeping and it gives the following message: item is in owner’s bin. Is there a way I can access the materials.
      Thanks, Sharon


      1. Funny Onion Stories avatar

        Well I didn’t know that! How dare they! Ha ha! Give me you email so I can send it. Also if you like the book would you be kind enough to pop a review on Amazon please. Reviews and word of mouth are like gold to authors. TIA xx


        1. mrskeane1 avatar

          Thanks 😊
          I’m keen not to add my email address here though as it’s visible to anyone who visits your website. Is there another way I could access it?


        2. Funny Onion Stories avatar

          Hi, yes of course,  Send it to   X 

          Sent from Sky Yahoo Mail for iPad


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