Mother Earth is Weeping.

Mother Earth is Weeping is a little book of hope with an important message for children. 

Mother Earth is worried about the future, she confides in Moon and Sun who reassure their friend that children and young people will look after her. 

This story in rhyming couplets is a narration of the conversation between the three celestial bodies. As it is an adult conversation it gives the opportunity for extended vocabulary and phrasing. Children will be able to understand the story easily enough but when adults explain some of the text, it will further enhance the child’s language development.  At the end of the story there is also a facts page and list of suitable webpages to explore. 


Coral is a young eco warrior who cares passionately about sea life and keeping the oceans and beaches litter free. She explains how important it is for us all to play our part in caring for the environment. Coral thinks about how happy the various sea creatures would be and imagines them in very funny situations displaying their approval.

Coral is a story written in rhyming couplets. The play on words in the narrative will appeal to the adult readers sense of humour. (Who says serious issues can’t be tackled with humour?) When adults explain the play on words children will delight even more at the accompanying illustrations. There is a facts page and list of webpages to explore. Thus extending the child’s learning further. 

Noah and Grandad (series)

Noah’s best friend is Grandad. They get up to all sorts of things together while Noah’s Mum and Dad are at work. They have lots of fun and adventures in the campervan. Noah learns so much with Grandad in lots of different situations e.g. visiting the hairdresser, the birth of a new brother, and the death of a pet. Follow Noah as he navigates through life’s highs and lows learning as he goes.

Noah and Grandad stories are written in rhyming couplets and narrated by Noah which allows us to see things through the eyes of a child, and enjoy the funny misconceptions and irrational fears. Children will relate to Noah and these situations and begin to self reflect and enhance their social and emotional development and knowledge and understanding of the world.

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