Back to School.

Hey kids welcome back I missed you all so much.

Even though we did our best to stay in ‘virtual’ touch. 

It was never going to be the same as having you all back together

And what ever the future holds we’ll get there whatever the weather.

So yes, there is lots of work to do, to get us all back on track

But more important for now isn’t the knowledge you lack

it’s the friendships and class identity that we have to nurture once more

You can’t build a house with a roof without the foundations and floor.

So over the next few weeks we will all support one and other

Remember we are family, you are all a class sister or brother.

Then we can dream, believe and achieve, the goals to which we aspire.

Covid will never win, like a Phoenix we’ll rise from the fire! 

feel free if you want to use this in your school !

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